Data Assimilation

The foundation of ASTRA is our fundamental knowledge of the physics of the upper atmosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere.

Ionosonde Methods

With experience spanning decades and multiple disciplines, our scientific team utilizes deep understanding and expertise in many aspects of space physics. We produce new interpretations of data and model output, and new insights and discoveries for our customers.

Data Assimilation

Assimilative Mapping of Ionospheric Electrodynamics (AMIE)

Deriving high latitude electrodynamic parameters through data ingestion.

Ionospheric Data Assimilation Four-Dimensional Model


Global electron density specification using multiple diverse data sets from GPS TEC, HF radio, in-situ, GPS occultation, and UV remote sensing.

Atmospheric Density Assimilation Model


Under Phase II SBIR development for satellite drag and orbital prediction.

Data Analysis

Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances (TIDs)

Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances are always present in the F-region ionosphere, and impact operational systems employing GPS, radar, and radio.

Electron Density

Changes in distribution can delay, advance the phase, and refract (bend) radio signals, with impacts on GNSS navigation, communication, and surveillance systems.

Neutral Density

Changes in thermospheric density create variable satellite drag, adversely affecting space missions

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Contact us about other ionosonde remote sensing methods including passive oblique receivers and other ionosonde options.

Communication technology for internet bu

Space Science

  • Space Physics Research & Data

  • Mission & System Design of Small-Satellite & CubeSat Platforms

  • Modeling SmallSat Subsystem & Ground Segment Interactions

  • Simulating Operational Scenarios

  • Remote Sensing Design & Analysis Services


Space Awareness

  • Monitoring Space Assets & Debris - spacecraft drag, wear & tear & collision avoidance

  • Solar Activity - global climate inflection

  • Electro-magnetic Disturbances - power grid disruption, communication outages

  • Radiation Emittance - exposure to astronauts

  • Synoptic Climatology - trending of atmospheric parameters yielding climate info



  • Atmospheric Temperature Modeling - in-flight fuel freezing avoidance

  • Cloud & Weather Modeling - flight routing efficiency & safety

  • Scintillation Modeling - avoid navigation & communication backouts

  • Radiation Emittance - exposure to astronauts

  • Defense intelligence - improved mission operations & real-time insight to the warfighter and our allies



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