Real-Time Ionospheric Predictions

ASTRA™ develops software tools to quantify the impact of various measurements for both ionospheric and thermospheric specification. These tools enable vital ‘Analysis of Alternatives’ exercises, and help to maximize the utility of new sensors through OSSE experiments.  Millions of dollars in savings can be realized by preventing deployment of unnecessary or redundant sensors.

Real-time ionospheric predictions also provide an alternative solution for raytracing applications and simulation of TID effects for geolocation.  Additionally, real-time thermospheric neutral density predictions enable accurate satellite orbit prediction and analysis.

Positioning Errors & Ionospheric Scintillation

ASTRA's framework for nowcasting positioning errors and ionospheric scintillation using single and dual-frequency GNSS receivers using real time data from across CONUS.


Data from our TIDDBIT HF sounder technology makes it possible to sense and reconstruct the angular displacement of radio reflection surfaces to aid with real-time PNT compensation adjustments.