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Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, LLC.

Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates (ASTRA) was born from the vision to apply fundamental space physics knowledge to real- world problems.

Founded in 2005, ASTRA is a leader in the “New Space” small-satellite industry. We leverage our scientific and engineering expertise to develop unique solutions, addressing complex space physics disciplines, instrumentation, modeling capabilities, and data analytics.


Who We Are

What We Do


Space Systems

ASTRA™ helps our customers utilize low cost access to space by providing innovative CubeSat sensors and subsystems, engineering robust CubeSat system-designs based on your measurement and scientific needs, and providing in-depth mission analysis to ensure mission success and scientific closure.


Instrumentation Design

ASTRA provides state-of-the-art programmable instrumentation for small satellites and ground operations, specializing in deployment of assets in remote regions and oceanic environments.

Data Analytics


ASTRA produces customized data solutions in a variety of different forms to help people and organizations reach their desired goals. Our scientific team utilizes deep understanding and expertise in many aspects of space physics to produce new interpretations of data and model output, providing new insights and discoveries for our customers.



ASTRA develops software tools to quantify the impact of various measurements for both Earth-based and space-based systems. We provide the tools to help governments and organization understand and mitigate the impacts that space weather has on the systems we rely on to live, work, and play.


ASTRA's ability to miniaturize sensors and subsystems is unmatched. This led to the development of the ASTRALiTe EDGE™, a topographic and bathymetric LiDAR system that is flown from a UAV. The EDGE is designed for shallow water surveying and infrastructure inspection. Learn more at

Science to help us live, work, & play better on Earth & in space.


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