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Our Mission

We are scientists, researchers, engineers, and business people dedicated to solving global problems that affect how human-kind lives, works, and plays on our planet and in space through applied science backed by empirical knowledge. We turn science into data, and data into knowledge for our customers.

Our Story

Building on a foundation of fundamental space physics research, we design, develop, build, and deploy novel ground-based and spaced-based instrumentation, as well as sophisticated computer models. Our customers use the innovative technology for space weather monitoring and other specialized applications to help mitigate potentially catastrophic disruptions to their vital systems.

With a combined breadth of experience spanning decades and multiple disciplines, our team provides unique capabilities and customized engineering and data services to customers in both the public and private sectors. Our partners and collaborators around the world enable us to deploy instrumentation globally allowing for complete and reliable data acquisition. ASTRA is headquartered in Louisville, CO.


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Dr. Geoff Crowley
Chad Fish 
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Gerald Thompson
Dr.Scott Jensen
Bill Baker
Dr. Irfan Azeem
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Rachel Hauser
Erik Stromberg

Our Customers

ASTRA works with a multitude of agencies within the Department of Defense, as well as many prominent universities, and research and scientific institutions. Our ability to meet and exceed our customers' requirements for missions and other programs set ASTRA aparts from other companies in the field.


282 Century Place

Suite 1000

Louisville, Colorado, 80027


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