ASTRA (Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, LLC) is a system design and technology development company.

ASTRABuilding on a foundation of fundamental space physics research, we design, develop, build and deploy novel ground-based and space-based instrumentation and sophisticated computer models, which are used by our customers for space weather monitoring and other specialized applications to help mitigate potentially catastrophic disruptions to their vital systems.

With a combined breadth of experience spanning decades and multiple disciplines, our team provides unique capabilities, and customized engineering and data services to customers in both the public and private sectors.

Our partners and collaborators around the world enable us to deploy instrumentation globally allowing for complete and reliable data acquisition.

ASTRA is headquartered in Boulder, CO.


ASTRA’s scientists and engineers are known for cross-disciplinary technology development, and the creation of new hardware and software tools. Our expertise encompasses both space weather fundamentals and its impacts on our customers’ business-critical systems, so that we can engineer effective solutions.


ASTRA has the demonstrated ability to effectively foster advanced scientific activities, manage schedule and costs, and coordinate efforts of multiple entities including industry subcontractors, government and commercial organizations, and university partners in order to achieve customer goals.