ASTRA Flies GPS Technology on NASA’s DC-8 to Validate Capabilities

ASTRA Flies GPS Technology on NASA's DC-8 to Validate Capabilities

Numerous instrument probes protrude from NASA’s DC-8 Airborne Science flying laboratory as it flies an instrument checkout flight. Image Credit: NASA / Lori Losey

ASTRA conducted an in-flight test of its GPS Space Weather Monitoring technology onboard NASA’s DC-8 Airborne Science flying laboratory. Real-time data was collected during the DC-8 flights as part of a broader technology validation related to airline safety.

As documented in NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center webpage:

NASA’s DC-8 Flight Helps Validate New Technologies

July 10, 2013

“The second part of this study was conducted by Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates of Boulder, Colo., producers of GPS receivers. Company instrumentation collected longitude and latitude data as the system made ionospheric, or upper atmosphere, measurements. The company is exploring whether it is feasible to measure scintillation, or GPS signal fluctuation, from an airplane.”

Beth Hagenauer, Public Affairs
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center