“Moving America Forward” – Entrepreneurial Award from William Shatner

Los Angeles, January 1, 2013 – ASTRA was one of four leading commercial space weather companies to receive the prestigious “Moving America Forward” 2012 award in Los Angeles. Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney (Ret.), America’s most decorated Admiral, presented the awards on William Shatner’s “Moving America Forward” special television series.


In introducing the four entrepreneurial companies, Doug Llewellyn interviewed Drs. Geoff Crowley (ASTRA), Devrie Intriligator (CRC), Robert Schunk (SEC), and W. Kent Tobiska (SET). William Shatner asked “What are some of your advancements and how are they helpful to move America forward?” Each company representative spoke about their successes in building space weather products, services, and infrastructure that are helping the American and global economies

Dr. Crowley shows how ASTRA  ”is developing new technologies for monitoring space weather, both from the ground and from spacecraft, such as low-cost GPS units that measure ionospheric weather from the ground and can operate through ionosphere scintillation events that would disable most GPS receivers.”