Engineering / Consulting

Engineering / Consulting

Our expertise is based upon ASTRA’s proven technology development programs.  This makes us uniquely qualified to provide innovative system design to help you realize your project objectives.

Systems Engineering

ASTRA provides systems-engineering consultation and design for projects from concept to build-and-test.

We help our customers define missions and systems around specific scientific or operational goals. We specialize in providing frameworks for solutions including small satellite mission support and ground instrument development.

  • Requirements definition and flow-down
  • Functional analysis for space- and ground-based instruments
  • Power analysis
  • Orbital analysis
  • Attitude control analysis
  • Other systems services

Attitude Control Solutions

Our mission is to provide simple, robust, and cost-effective CubeSat solutions.

ASTRA provides CubeSat attitude modeling services and products:

  • Mission and system design of small-satellite and CubeSat platforms
  • Simulating operational scenarios
  • Specifying the interaction between ground-systems commanding and satellite systems
  • Simulating attitude operations and verifying CubeSat pointing requirements

We are currently developing the first CubeSat Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS) board designed specifically around 2-axis spin-stabilized control.

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