Hosted Payload Services

Hosted Payload Services

Do you have an instrument
but need an affordable way to fly it?

NEW Hosted Payload Collaboration between Orbital ATK Inc. and ASTRA, LLC.

ASTRA, LLC announces the formation of a unique collaboration with Orbital ATK that enables a wide range of hosting options to fly your sensor at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated launch vehicle.

ASTRA specializes in all aspects of the science sensor life cycle, from concept to operations including, sensor development and testing, launch, deployment, and analysis.

Orbital ATK is an experienced and successful provider of hosted payload infrastructure.

The ASTRA – Orbital ATK collaboration provides scientific and technical expertise combined with platform access enabling affordable options for remote sensing, in-situ sensing, and technology demonstrations via Hosted Payloads.

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Combining Our Expertise

ASTRAASTRA is a system design and technology development company. Building on a foundation of fundamental space physics research and systems engineering, we design, develop, build, and deploy novel ground-based and space-based instrumentation. ASTRA is involved in multiple NASA missions; has successfully flown CubeSats for NSF; and supports both the public and private sectors.

OrbitalORBITAL ATK is a leading provider of small and medium class space systems for defense, civil space, and commercial customers. With a highly diversified set of products and frequent opportunities, Orbital ATK is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end hosting payload opportunities.