ASTRA™ products include scientific quality instruments that are designed to be robust in remote ground-based and space-based applications.

GPS Receivers for Space Weather Monitoring

CASES SM-211 GPS receiver

CASES-WiFiASTRA™ CASES SM-211 GPS receiver represents a revolutionary advance in dual frequency GPS-based space-weather monitoring. Performance comparisons show the stability and robustness of ASTRA’s GPS tracking algorithms.  Compared to competitive units, the CASES GPS Space Weather Monitor is the most reliable receiver available for maintaining data acquisition when it matters most – tracking through intense scintillation.

  • Availability of both precise GPS Total Electron Content and scintillation
  • Tracks through severe scintillations
  • Reliable operation in weak-signal environments
  • Flexible communication interfaces
  • Remote programming/reconfigurability
  • Low unit cost makes it feasible to deploy an array of receivers for more complete data acquisition
  • Available with or without WiFi
  • Onboard computer reduces infrastructure costs and complexity
  • Many data recording solutions
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GPS Autonomous Micro-Monitor

GPS ReliabilityASTRA’s next generation GPS monitoring instrument combines all the world-class features of our CASES SM-211 units with exciting new functionality including the ability to reliably operate in oceanic environments where wave motion historically hindered accurate data acquisition.

  • Very low size, weight, and power requirements
  • Fully-processed, highly accurate GPS Total Electron Content and scintillation data
  • Reliable operation and data acquisition in oceanic, desert or other remote regions
  • Autonomously  communicates data to customer at required cadence
  • Fully-processed, highly accurate GPS Total Electron Content and scintillation data
  • Near real-time data over low-data-rate satellite link
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Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) Mapping System

Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) Mapping SystemASTRA’s TIDDBIT HF sounder is a dual-frequency HF Doppler system that can detect and characterize waves propagating through the ionosphere.  Using spaced transmitters and receivers operating at multiple frequencies, this unique instrument resolves both horizontal and vertical propagation characteristics.

  • Complete TID information (speed, azimuth, wavelength, and amplitude as a function of period)
  • Realtime operation and visualization of data
  • Available 3-D visualization software to display TID motion
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CUBESAT Instrumentation

Attitude Control for CubeSats

ADCS BoardADCS Board – developed from our experience with the DICE and DIME CubeSat missions, this 2-axis spin-stabilized control provides an affordable yet robust solution for meeting CubeSat pointing requirements.

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