Government / Aerospace

Government / Aerospace

Dynamic solutions facilitating rapid response to potentially catastrophic space weather events.

ASTRA provides dynamic technology and tools for space situational awareness, and for specification and forecasting of space weather impacts, to help our customers in identifying and predicting potentially catastrophic space weather events.

For nearly a decade, ASTRA has provided ionospheric specification and data interpretation services for various government agencies, including the Air Force, Navy, NASA and associated University customers.  Successful SBIR Technology Development programs have led to technologies that are also applicable to state and local branches of government.

Our broad range of custom solutions includes:

  • Simulation and planning tools (eg. OSSEs) to optimize the procurement and deployment of ground-based and satellite-based observing systems.
  • HF Communications optimization to maintain communications during emergencies
  • GPS reliability products: from geodetic quality instrumentation and data subscription services … to space weather monitoring systems that enable reliable surveying and other operations.

ASTRA Solutions for Government Agencies

Space Situational Awareness

Space Situational AwarenessASTRA provides real-time measurements, ionospheric modeling and simulation, and planning tools (eg. OSSEs), to augment the deployment, precision tracking, and protection of major government assets. ASTRA is the prime contractor for several related development efforts for ionosphere-thermosphere modeling and simulation, including both first-principles and assimilative models that account for effects on government systems.

Utilize our expertise to design a custom modeling and simulation tool for your unique requirements.

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Emergency Response

Emergency ResponseASTRA’s expertise in understanding SATCOM disruptions and HF radio availability can facilitate your operational response during solar and geomagnetic storms. Now-cast and fore-cast alerts provide crucial information on latency and duration of events.

Utilize our expertise to keep all your communications running during emergency conditions.

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Operations, Surveying

Operations, SurveyingASTRA is leading the industry with cutting-edge capabilities for assessing ionospheric gradients and scintillation, which cause GPS signal degradation resulting in inaccurate positioning. ASTRA provides real-time ionospheric scintillation monitoring services in various states, using arrays of CASES space weather monitors. GPS signal reliability alerts can be developed for your specific operational requirements.

Utilize our expertise to develop your custom GPS reliability monitoring service.

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