Tech Development

Tech Development

ASTRA™ leverages our scientific expertise to engineer unique solutions in HF radar and radio, CubeSats, GPS systems, satellite remote sensing, and Lidar.

GPS Development

Robust real-time space weather monitoring solutions

GPS DevelopmentASTRA™ is committed to the on-going effort to provide our customers ever-improving state-of-the-art programmable dual-frequency GPS receivers for monitoring space weather from anywhere in the world. Even if your space weather application requires deployment of GPS receivers in remote regions or oceanic environments, ASTRA is pioneering autonomous instruments with unparalleled performance and versatility.

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CubeSat Technologies

Miniaturized space-science systems

ASTRAASTRA™ helps our customers utilize low cost access to space by providing innovative CubeSat sensors and subsystems, engineering robust CubeSat system-designs based on your measurement and scientific needs, and performing in-depth mission analysis to ensure mission success and scientific closure.  Let us connect your next big idea with engineering reality in a small CubeSat package that fits comfortably inside your budget.

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HF Radar Technologies

Constructing dynamic images of HF reflection surfaces

Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) Mapping SystemASTRA’s work in developing cutting-edge technologies for mapping Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances in the F-region ionosphere focuses on complete characterization of these waves. Large TIDs can cause errors in operational systems employing GPS, radar, and radio. Data from our TIDDBIT HF sounder technology makes it possible to sense and reconstruct the angular displacement of radio reflection surfaces to aid with real-time PNT compensation adjustments. We are growing a global network to provide world-wide mapping for our customers.

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Software & Simulation Tools

Analysis of Alternatives tools, and Predictive Atmospheric Specification

Space Situational AwarenessASTRA develops software tools to quantify the impact of various measurements for both ionospheric and thermospheric specification. These tools enable vital ‘Analysis of Alternatives’ exercises, and help to maximize the utility of new sensors through OSSE experiments.  Millions of dollars in savings can be realized by preventing deployment of unnecessary or redundant sensors.

Real-time ionospheric predictions also provide an alternative solution for raytracing applications and simulation of TID effects for geolocation.  Additionally, real-time thermospheric neutral density predictions enable accurate satellite orbit prediction and analysis.

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Shallow Depth Measurements of Semitransparent Media

LIDARASTRA’s commitment to miniaturized instrument development has driven us to radical innovation in the field of lidar bathymetry. Our Lidar provides a noncontact, mobile solution for mapping water depth, underwater terrain, and submerged objects. Our INPHAMIS technique provides real-time, high precision measurements of depth and subsurface terrain.
It not only measures liquid depths as shallow as one centimeter, but can also transition seamlessly from land – to shallow – to deep water, enabling highly accurate charting of shoreline locations, water volume, bottom topology, and identification of shallow submerged objects.

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