GPS Development

GPS Development

Robust real-time space weather monitoring solutions

GPS DevelopmentASTRA’s GPS program for monitoring space weather and characterizing ionospheric scintillation represents an SBIR “success story”. After years of development from Phase I, through Phase II, and then on to Phase III commercialization, the CASES GPS Space Weather Monitor and resulting product line demonstrate ASTRA’s capabilities to take a research concept and develop it to an operational product.

More and more, arrays of dual-frequency GPS receivers are being used to monitor the ionosphere. Ionospheric total electron content (TEC) is derived using dual-frequency phase measurements. The variations of GPS signal amplitude and phase are used to measure the magnitude of ionospheric irregularities.

ASTRA™ has developed superior GPS-based ionospheric monitoring instruments:

  • CASES, an affordable, software-defined GPS receiver with onboard computer
  • GAMMA, a smaller size, weight, and power GPS receiver designed to provide autonomous operation from remote platforms