HF Radar Technologies

HF Radar Technologies

Constructing dynamic images of HF reflection surfaces

Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) Mapping SystemASTRA™ has cutting-edge technologies for mapping Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances in the F-region ionosphere focuses on complete characterization of these waves. Large TIDs can cause errors in operational systems employing GPS, radar, and radio. Data from our TIDDBIT HF sounder technology makes it possible to sense and reconstruct the angular displacement of radio reflection surfaces to aid with real-time PNT compensation adjustments. We are growing a global network to provide world-wide mapping for our customers.

ASTRA’s TIDDBIT HF sounder is a dual-frequency HF Doppler system that can detect and characterize waves propagating through the ionosphere.  Using spaced transmitters and receivers operating at multiple frequencies, this unique instrument resolves both horizontal and vertical propagation characteristics.

  • Complete TID information (speed, azimuth, wavelength, and amplitude as a function of period)
  • Realtime operation and visualization of data
  • Available 3-D visualization software to display TID motion