1-cm Depth Resolution through Semitransparent Media

LIDARLidar is advantageous over other bathymetry techniques by easily allowing measurements from above the water, avoiding dangerous hazards in the water, overcoming inaccessible locations, and enabling noncontact measurement of depth of hazardous solutions (e.g. chemical spills). This approach is also conducive for aerial surveys (including UAV / UAS), which are efficient for covering large areas very quickly.

ASTRA’s INPHAMIS (INtrapulse PHAse Modification Induced by Scattering) technique successfully addresses issues that have previously limited Lidar systems. Our novel technology provides unprecedented depth resolution applied to any semitransparent media in a simpler, lighter, less expensive solution scalable from hand-held units to large airborne systems. This radical innovation in lidar is poised to revolutionize the surveying industry.

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